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Services Offered


IAS Express Service

Warning Light On Or Concerned About Your Car – Just Stop In 

     You’ve got places to go, things to do, people to see but you’re concerned about your car. We understand, your safety and peace of mind is important to us. Impressive Auto Service has the answer!! We’re proud to announce our Express Service Center. What does this mean to you? Simply this, no appointment is needed at Impressive Auto Service for any quick services listed below… or anything that concerns you. We’ll get you in, handle the problem and back on the road while you wait in our comfortable lounge.  All of the services listed below will get you in and out of the shop in less than an hour.

     You no longer have to wait days for simple service appointment. Instead, you get quick service, and peace of mind, when you need it, and you’re back on the road…… now. If it’s something which needs more attention, we’ll do what we can on your schedule, then reschedule a drop off. Just call us today, and we’ll handle it right away!

-Check Engine Light – Diagnostic Fault Readout 

-Oil and Filter Change

-Wiper Blade Replacement 

-Charging System Analysis 

-Battery Service and Replacement

-Remote Battery Replacement 

-Headlight Bulb Replacement 

-Light Bulb Replacement 

-ABS and Airbag Light – Diagnostic Fault Readout

-Leak Inspection 

-A/C Recharge and Inspection 

-Engine Performance Check

-Pre Purchase Used Vehicle Inspection


Complete Automotive Services

General Maintenance

-Factory Scheduled Maintenance 

-Oil Changes 

-Tune Ups 

-Filter Replacements  

-Windshield Wiper Blades 

-Fluid Services  

-Trip Inspections

-Timing Belt Replacement

Engine Service

-Engine Repair 

-Engine Replacement 

-Engine Performance Check 

-Driveability Diagnostics & Repair 

-Ignition System Maintenance & Repair 

-Timing Belt / Chain Replacement 

-Valvetrain Adjustments

-Leak Repair

-Cylinder Head Gasket Repairs

Electrical Repairs

-Short Circuit Testing

-Repair Wiring Harness and Electrical Connections

-Engine Module Replacement and Programming

-Troubleshoot Electrical System

-Alternator and Battery Service

-Instrument Cluster Repair

-Hybrid System Diagnostics and Repair

Transmission Service

-Transmission Service & Replacement 

-Driveline Maintenance & Repair 

-Axle Replacement 

-Differential Service & Repair 

-Clutch Repair & Replacement 

-Fluid Exchange and Filter Replacement 

-Leak Repair

Steering and Suspension Service

-Power Steering Pump Replacement

-Steering Rack, Gearbox, Tie Rod and Shock Replacement

Heating and A/C Service

-A/C diagnostics and troubleshooting

-Compressor Replacement

-Heater Core Replacement

Brake Service

-Brake Pad Replacement and Rotor Resurfacing

-Brake System Troubleshooting

-Master Cylinder Replacement

Cooling System Service

-Radiator Replacement

-Pressure Testing and Leak Repair

-Cooling System Debris Removal and Flushing

Other Services

-Lift Kits Installed

-Off Road Lighting Installation

-Custom Wiring 

-Hybrid System Diagnostics and Repair